'Cause I'm easy...

Easy like Sunday mornin'...

14 April
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I'm a freshman at the University of TN, majoring in ...uh... I have a flair for writing Harry/Draco and Sirius/Remus fanfiction, as well as drawing a bit of art for them. I also do a bunch of random sketches and keep them in a hardback sketchbook I take everywhere. I love to read and to be read to. I like to be shown that romance isn't dead. I love my Ethan. ^_^;

This is my "You can't get mad at me for what I write here" journal. The rules are as follows:

1.) You can friend me, but I can talk about you in here and you can read it and you can't get angry.
2.) I can say anything about anything in here and you can't get angry at me.
3.) I tell the truth in here. You can't get mad at me for it.